The   Voice   of   Folc   used   her   scalding   breath   to   form   the   sun   and   warm   the   planet.

The  Voice  of  Apan  made   use   of   her   gentle   spirit   to   create   weather   and   the guiding   moon.

Nadelle, the Voice of Mae'Ehr (Wind)

Jaydür can only exist as long as there is balance. Balance between love and hatred. Predator and prey. Light and dark. Good and evil. If any aspect of the balance is thrown out of proportion, darkness and death shrouds the lands and slowly kills every living thing until the Creation is nothing but an empty void. Therefore, four elementals are placed over the lands. They're known as The Voices of Jaydür.​

​The four Voices are placed as guardians of their specific element and exist as mediators between the different beings of Jaydür. They are helpers, guides and visionaries.

Caia, the Voice of Apan (Water)

The   Voice   of   Ardda   used   her   sturdy   arms   to   mold   together   the   lands   of   Jaydür. 

The   Voice of Mae'Ehr  used   her   swiftness   to   create  the  atmosphere  and  deep  space. 

Ilayna, the Voice of D'Irdda or Ardda (Earth)

The Voices of Jaydür

Naoni, the Voice of Folc (Fire)

Lilian Oake

​Fantasy Author