Tall, dangerous beings. Very violent. Much like the ogres, they will eat anything that crosses their path.

Art by Dustmeat, Deviantart 

Clever, Frightening and often deformed. Their skin is a grey, sickly color. An unbearable smell emanates from them. They are the purest form of evil in Jaydür. Sinstarians keep to the coast of Sinstar.

Art by Brelynne West





Evil spirits. Usually unseen yet often making decieving appearences as beautiful people. The race is often intertwined with the sinstarians, though not as repulsive.


Plain, yet power hungry beings. Usually neutral people but history shows how indecisive they are when it comes to making allies, so much humans are not trusted by other races.

Art by Girl-with-a-pencil on Deviantart


When the Voice of Apan rests beside a bank or a pond, a water nymph takes up residence in that body of water and protects the vicinity. Waters with a living nymph are deemed blessed. You know there is a nymph if, when you dip your finger into the water, the ripples move from the outside, in. There can be a single nymph or many in one place.

Art by Myszt on Deviantart, Model is Twiggxstock 

The giant flying reptiles. Most are good but there are the evil and dangerous ones as well. They typically reside on Dragon Island, to the far east of Jaydür. Those that are seen being ridden by warriors are typically the dragons that chose that fate. They hold strong to their allies and will fight to the death for them.

The small flying beings born of pure magic. Some are sweet, others are mischevious but the specie is generally trouble enough that others avoid it. (See Nahtaia)*Step into a faery ring, deaf to beats of faery wing. No way out and none to call, then charmed to death until you fall.*

Though "Aquinian" typically stands for the Elven mermaids, the water elves - like Caia, the Voice of Apan - are also referred to as Aquinians. The mermaids reside in Aquinia, an underwater city off the coast of the Elven woods and Water Willow. Living so close to the elves, they share the kind and gentle traits. There are those who pull with the evil tide, though.

Art by Yue-IceSeal on Deviantart


Dryads are living trees; tree nymphs bound to their trees. If the tree is cut, the nymph will wither and die with it.
Their roots dig deep into the earth of Jaydür. Because they are fused with the planet, they feel everything the planet feels. They do not sense the passing of time as one would think, being bound to one place for all time.
Dryads live in clusters, usually in a circle around the "fount" or, "mother root." The fount is the first dryad in a cluster and the only one that can actually speak. The surrounding trees can speak through her as well.
Dryads cannot walk or move their limbs like Orna trees but they can turn their heads.

 The Last Dryad by para-vine on Deviantart


Remarkably stupid creatures. Large and burly. Everything is edible to these beings. As primitive as cave men. Maybe one level of evolution smarter.

The giants of Jaydür live deep within the mountains and under ground. They spend most of their lives in hibernation, coming out only once every few months to hunt and sunbathe. 

Art by Steve Thomas


Orna trees, unlike dryads, can walk but cannot speak the language of man. They are usually gnarled and frightening. They are immense in size and have existed longer than dryads, walking Jaydür from the beginning of time.  If one would listen closely enough, Orna trees can be heard groaning "in song." Some believe they've gone extinct, but most do not know they can be heard in the Rehn Forest.

Birch Dryad by Nicoll on DeviantArt



Races of Jaydür


Orna Trees


Lilian Oake

​Fantasy Author

Enormous creatures (eight feet tall, nearly four feet wide). Neutral and will not choose a side until war reaches them. They hate faeries.

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The first purest of beings.  They were the first inhabitants and continue to retain their place as largest race of man in Jaydür. There are many different races of elf. They are highly empathic and skilled at any task they put their attention to.

Nasty creatures that answer to any being more powerful than they. Goblins can typically be found in Sinstar and the borders of.

Merciless, smelly, wreckless little monsters. Usually green with large, hook noses.


Short in stature. Usually very homey, but not always the case. They reside in the hills and forests. Some are allied with the light; some with the dark.

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