Lilian Oake

​Fantasy Author

Jaydür is a dimension parallel to that which we call home. It is theorized that the source of mythical creatures -- such as mermaids, faeries, and dragons -- comes from sightings of Jaydürian creatures when anyone of heightened senses "sees" through the veil of time and space.


​The terrain of Jaydür depends on where one would choose to travel.

The largest continent of Jaydür is called Qora. It wraps almost fully around the planet itself. There, most of the great leaders of Jaydür reside. While the Northeast and Southwest are mountainous and full of caverns and cliffs, the Northwest is heavily wooded. Southeast is a barren wasteland, chock full of poisonous waters, and the heart of Qora is hills and flatlands.


​Religion in Jaydür is not varied, for the existence of the Highest Power -- the creator/deity of all -- is well recognized. As with any world, there are those who are covetous and prideful, desiring power above all else. A history of wars forced those who took part in the Refusal to the far Eastern coast of Qora. Their hatred, negative energy, and forces of darkness took its toll on the lands, killing flora and fauna alike, and in its place grew things worthy of nightmares.


The inhabitants of Jaydür lived in peace until, over many ages, the seed of knowledge grew in the minds of the people. As is known, knowledge is a power to be used with care, for it can bring light to the bearer, or darkness. Men went to war with the other races of Jaydür for the sake of land and ownership, creating borders that now keep kingdoms separated in Qora -- each kingdom is run by a king or queen.

Peter Gundry - Fantasy Composer

The World of Jaydür