Lilian Oake

​Fantasy Author

Nahtaia is a mischievous faery with one of the greatest of gifts; distortion. After accidentally turning a human boy into faery size, her powers are immediately seized by the Jaydürian Voices (deities) and banishment is a likely punishment. Luckily, the Minister of Fae Assignment is unaware of her mistake. With the help of a pine faery named Oren, Nahtaia must find a way to change the human back to his natural state and regain her abilities, all while keeping hidden from the keen eyes of the Ministers of the faery realm lest she be stripped of her wings and doomed to a life without the one thing she loves most; magic.

Joshua Robertson

Publisher, dark fantasy author

Kaelandur Saga

​Thrice Nine Legends Saga

Lyla and Father think they are a happy family, living in their cozy cottage near the woods. But when Mother starts over-eating, neither can stop worrying—and then, Mother disappears. Upset and confused, Lyla is led by an elf to find answers in the woods. In this enchanting, coming of age story, Lyla learns about the dangerous, hidden aspects of being human.

John Flanagan

Middle grade fantasy

The Ranger's Apprentice Series

The Brotherband Chronicles

KJ Colt
Healers of Meligna Series

​Klawdia Series

J.C. Boyd

Strong Armed

Thrice Nine Legends Saga

When Cassie bursts through the stratosphere in her incubation pod, she cannot make sense of why she is descending from space in the man-made vessel. Soon, she is trapped on the newfangled, apocalyptic Earth, fleeing from a bizarre alien race. Now, in a desperate search for answers and allies, Cassie turns to the remnants of past human cultures, who have become the monsters of legends. 

This is Part One of an ongoing series.

Author Picks

When Lorel, a dark elf of the Everdark, overhears a plot to kidnap a human queen for ransom, she's determined to put a stop to the scheme before a war is begun between the races.

Since her father’s sudden death, all Evie wants is comfort and security for her family. Especially from dragon cagers. The two-tongued serpents are said to take the shape of a man, woo their ill-fated victims, and then devour them whole. But no one ever told Evie she could be kindred to the creatures.

When Evie is framed and exiled, a cager called Lachlann discovers her roaming in the barren dragon country. Now, while being hunted by the same slayers seeking his magic-imbued heart, Evie must put her trust in Lachlann and seek out his clan for help. Only then will they discover what ancient blood flows through her veins.