Whoa, WHOA now! You want my bio? Shouldn't you start with a hello, at least?

Ok, fine. I'll be gracious.

I am Lilian. L.F. Lilzor. Lilith. Lithua. Cthulhuette. Pick one. I shall respond.

I write books. Fantasy stuff that parents don't have to freak out over their kids reading. But FUN stuff, so kids don't have to freak out over the junk their parents are throwing at them.
Really. I know parents who only let their kids read "serious" stuff. Fantasy-loving kids who get away with reading Percy Jackson only because they tell their parents it's a book about Greek mythology. Those kids. Poor things.
KIDS! I write fun stuff! Adventures and sword fights and killer pixies and stuff!

Check me out at my website, or on Facebook, or on Twitter. I promise I'm just as interesting and likely to make you feel uncomfortable there as I am here!

Author Picks

John Flanagan

Middle grade fantasy

The Ranger's Apprentice Series

The Brotherband Chronicles

I suppose most writers would tell you this: that they just want to get their story out. It's true, for the most part. But I don't just want my stories to be told with nothing left after the turn of the last page -- I want my readers to feel something. I want realizations to be made of the world around them. I want my readers to questions themselves and their motives after reading my work. That's my vision.

Joshua Robertson

Publisher, dark fantasy author

Kaelandur Saga

​Thrice Nine Legends Saga

KJ Colt
Healers of Meligna Series

​Klawdia Series

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”  J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

J.C. Boyd

Strong Armed

Thrice Nine Legends Saga

My Vision

Lilian Oake

​Fantasy Author